About the Author

I am not a management scientist. First and foremost because I don’t believe there is such a thing as management science as there is no distance between the research object and the researcher as in physics or other positive sciences. Management scientists often present their study results as cookbook recipes, tricks, algorithms and control instruments. The few really scientific studies on strategy, organisational behaviour and the organisational aspects of information management often reinvent the wheel but their theories never make it to everyday practice since a humanist approach needs to add context to the theories during implementation.

I am a practitioner who looks for pragmatic solutions and who now and then consolidates his empirical knowledge into best practices avoiding dogmatism but making sure the practice is reproducible. I am a strong believer in “just-in-time learning” as information management changes rapidly both on a technical, management and societal level. Therefore my approach to the subject was both modest and durable. Ephemeral as I am aware of the brief technical aspects of Business Intelligence  and durable as there are universal, long standing truths about organisations, decision making and strategy formation and formulation.

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