About the book

It was the end of 2008, an ideal time of the year to have good intentions. Mine was to develop a seminar about business analysis for business intelligence because echoes from IT and business people told me there was a market for this product. So, what do you do when you develop seminar content? You look for literature. You type “business analysis for business intelligence” in a search engine and you get… not very much in 2008.

That’s when I had my Edmond Hillary moment. When he was asked why he climbed the Mount Everest, he replied: “because it is there”. I made a quick scan of the reference books in my library and the new material I needed to study and made a book proposal to the Taylor and Francis Group in early 2009. “We’ll send you a contract proposal” was the short answer. From then on until August 2012, it was hard work. Remember that when you think of copying the book.

On the CRC Press site you can find out all about the contents of the book. Click here for the information.