About You

You are a director, a manager, an entrepreneur

Then BA4BI will help you understand the need for better interfacing with the IT people to come up with the reports, the analytics and even real knowledge discovery results based on your strategic priorities and the available data.

You are a business analyst

Either you already have experience with BI projects or you are about to discover this special discipline in an upcoming project. In both cases you might want to take in a few ideas, receive a few wake up calls or simply reflect on similar experience.

You are a BI developer

You may want to get more contextual information about the system your are developing. Because this background knowledge will help you to deliver a better job and interface better with the analysts and the project manager.

You are a BI project Manager

If you believe a “pure play” project manager can be successful, then don’t use this site or buy the book. But if you are ware that to manage the BI project you need to have insight in the customer’s “MoSCoW” and how this is translated in to a work breakdown structure, then you might tune in.

You are an IT student

Then you may want to learn from a practitioner…