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ICT Literacy Course Schedule 

ICT Focus Areas for Board members & Management

How to get maximum return from your ICT budget?

23rd October 2024 from 8:30 – 18:00

Venue: BluePoint Antwerp

Presented in English by Bert Brijs (your questions in Dutch, French, German and Spanish are welcome)

Fee, if booked before 31st July 2024: € 750 + VAT 21%

As of 1st August 2024: € 950 + VAT 21%

Learning Objectives

Primary objectives

  • Get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your ICT infrastructure;

  • Evaluate the other five ICT layers in your organisation that determine your success as a manager;

  • Have sufficient knowledge to ask the right questions to your ICT pros and assess their answers;

  • Evaluate new technology and its impact on your strategy and tactics;

  • Assess the present level of integration of ICT in your business strategy;

  • Experience how to improve the ICT governance in your organisation;

Derived objectives

  • Learn the Archimate modelling language to communicate unambiguously with the technology experts;

  • Discover the various options and components for data and information analysis;

  • Discover the value of a well-functioning enterprise architecture process;

  • Improve your performance as a technology investor

Why choose this course?

First and foremost, because it is oriented towards you daily business practice. Bert Brijs is not an academic, he brings working concepts, processes and structures to the table , based on over 40 years of experience on both sides of the fence: business and IT. From RM Cobol to Java and .NET, from Mycin, via L&H to generative AI as well as from direct marketing to eCommerce, Bert has experienced what works and what doesn’t work in making ICT work for the business.

Your job as a manager is changing rapidly:

  • Covid-19 has reduced the watercooler conversations;

  • ERP combined with AI demands more focus on human creativity;

  • Ever growing GRC regulations demand security and privacy by design and that is more than an IT requirement;

  • Your business analysis and software practice are increasing their speed and you need to keep up with it;

  • ICT and ethics will be a growing issue in the next few years;

  • New tools in analytics will  force you to move from static reporting and ad hoc queries to true story telling via conversing with the data inside and outside your organisation;

  • New business models are emerging so you need to be able to evaluate their meaning for your organisation;

This course will provide you with the tools and the roadmaps to adapt to new realities.

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Course Agenda

  8:30-9:15:         Registration and welcome refreshments and coffee

9:15-10:45:         Introduction

                              ICT and the Strategy Process

                              ICT and Strategy Execution

10:45-11:00:      Coffee and refreshments

11:00-12:30:      Overview of ICT and its value for the business:


                             Software architecture

                             Choosing the right ICT organisation

                             Operational aspects

                             Information management

                             Capability and business process management

12:30-13:30:      Lunch

13:30-15:00:      Digital Disruption

                          Evaluating large ICT Projects

                          Infosec and Privacy aspects

15:00-15:15:      Coffee and refreshments

15:15-16:30:      Analytics, AI and Big Data

                          Plenary Case study

16:30–17:30:      Network cocktail with snacks

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