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    Combining Technical and Business Knowledge for Analytics

    According to the source, between 50% and 80% of all analytical projects fail. It is our value proposition: drastically reduce this number.

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    How do You Separate Information from Noise?

    “Drowning in a sea of data” is a reality for many organisations. Yet today’s data science solutions can reduce the information overload.

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    Extract more Value from Your Customer Data

    80% of all analytics projects are about customers. That’s why we combine customer process knowledge with customer analytics knowledge. 

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Lingua Franca develops a common strategic language to share with your customers, suppliers, employees and staff and other stakeholders. Lingua Franca turns data into action: from business analysis for Business Analytics to an information architecture that supports the entire organisation in executing the intended strategy while seizing the emerging opportunities along the way.

Lingua Franca is based in the Benelux and operates in the main European languages.

Our Services

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence: Business Analysis & Project Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management: Business Analysis & Project Management

Big Data Analytics & Data Science

Big Data Analytics & Data Science: Business Analysis & Project Management

Product Knowledge Portfolio

Microsoft SQL Server BI Suite

We have been following Microsoft since the days of SQL Server 7.0 and DTS, because we knew one day the guys from Redmond would pick up the BI trend and catch up with it.


Yes, we know the other two leading distributions are also OK products and features improve all the time in this race to excellence.


This mature and rich data analysis tool is an example of German engineering from Konstanz University in Baden Würtemberg.

Our Analysts and Project Managers

Jan De T.

Jan De T., research design specialist with 30+ years experience

Karel L.

CRM architect & CRM Analyst

Jan D’H

ETL Architect, designer and developer

Thomas B.

System Engineer, API and Linux specialist

Matthijs P.

Pharmaceutical Project Engineer with software validation experience

Bert B.

CEO and principal consultant for Analytics and CRM


Lingua Franca provided the ideal project manager and business analyst for our discovery process into new analytical disciplines. In just a few sessions our team took a jumpstart in advanced data mining.


Lingua Franca provided us with a direction towards business intelligence and analytics: from business analysis and requirements gathering down to the logical data models. The handover to the tech guys went smoothly.


Determining the cost of service per customer and improving the logistic performance is always on our agenda. With the proper data infrastructure, we can make fact based decisions.


Experimenting with knowledge management, online courses, examination and certification in a single conceptual and technical framework was a journey we were happy to take with Lingua Franca.

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