Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management: Business Analysis & Project Management











Lingua Franca’s vision on business analysis for customer relationship (CRM)

Business analysis for CRM needs a holistic view to reconcile top down concerns with bottom up analysis of business functions like sales, marketing, customer service and communication to name the major ones. This doesn’t restrict our approach to other functions when the customer perspective is determining your success in the market. Think of order management, logistics and financial business functions. The Chief Marketing Officer may formulate high level goals and objectives like “manage customer lifetime value (LTV); if the underlying functions and ensuing processes don’t support his vision, these goals will remain pie in the sky.

Project management for CRM








Lingua Franca’s approach to project management for customer relationship management (CRM)

Although the CRM development cycle bears resemblance to classical application development cycles, the< project manager will always assess the impact of the cycles on the analytical capabilities of the organization in close collaboration with the business analyst. The reason is obvious: introducing new CRM concepts in a commercial environment is a big change management endeavor. The project manager and the business analyst will need to illustrate constantly what the payoff is to the individual sales rep, the service agent and all other creative and free thinkers and actors in the customer interaction process. We use the “3 x rule”: for every piece of information you ask them to collect and manage, you need to illustrate the value exceeds their efforts threefold.