This mature and rich data analysis tool is an example of German engineering from Konstanz University in Baden Würtemberg.


Yes, we know the other two leading distributions are also OK products and features improve all the time in this race to excellence.

Microsoft SQL Server BI Suite

We have been following Microsoft since the days of SQL Server 7.0 and DTS, because we knew one day the guys from Redmond would pick up the BI trend and catch up with it.

SAS Enterprise Miner the standard in finance

We were reluctant to adopt SAS knowledge for obvious reasons: a steep learning curve, expensive tools and not always state of the art in analytics.

SAP Business Objects leader in Enterprise BI

Business Objects is an end-to-end solution for data warehousing, analytics and reporting with a serious market share in large enterprises. We have been following the product since version 4.0 and will do so for the years to come.

Python, the scripting language of choice for data science

The compact and intuitive language from the Netherlands is our tool of choice for both rapid prototyping and in depth analytics.