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Overview of the ICT Literacy Course

Have a look and see if this course has added value for you or your colleagues.

An overview of ICT technology and what it means to the business

In this section we discuss the layers where ICT plays its role:

  • Infrastructure, to make you acquainted with the pros and cons of the options;

  • software architecture and how methodologies impact your business;

  • the ICT organisation and ICT operations with a focus on projects;

  • information and data management to support processes and decision making;

  • business capability and process management to produce a governance platform
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The Impact of digital disruption

Digital disruption is the sudden, unexpected change in the way a sector does its business and delivers on its promises through a shift in information and communication technology. That’s the short version. In this section we will address far more complex and slowly build-ups of disruptive technologies that can affect the way you do business today.

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Evaluating large ICT projects

Too many organisations leave the decision making about large IT projects to the technology buffs without assessing sufficiently what impact these projects have on people, processes, products and even on the principles that guide the organisation in its actions.

   #BusinessCase #BusinessProcessOptimisation #TCO #ChangeManagement

Infosec and privacy

Information security and privacy regulations impose serious constraints on your organisation. As a board member or manager, you don’t need to be an information security officer but you can learn to ask the right questions and evaluate the answers properly. That is the purpose of this section.

   #Obfuscation #IDS #IAM #SOAR #SIEM #Encryption #Pseudonymisation

AI, Analytics and (Big) Data Literacy

Building on the knowledge in the first section on data and information, we can address the questions a board member or a manager needs to ask the ICT people to assess whether the organisation is exploiting all the analytical and artificial intelligence opportunities provided by the data they produce and consume.

  #BusinessAnalysis #DataPreparation #DataMesh #DataLakehouse #ML #CNN #DataDriven

Separating hypes from trends

There are at least four characteristics that need careful scrutiny before you decide if the new technology will survive the transition to the mainstream market. In this section we will provide you with the knowledge and the skills to do so. This also comes in handy if you’re a tech investor.

In the course we will address the financial, societal, technical and marketing aspects that predict the future success of a new information and communication technology or tool.

   #TheChasm #TechnologyAdoptionProcess #CapabilityManagement 

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