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Preparing a Customer for a Data Mesh Architecture

Imagine a customer who aggregates the data requirements of different stakeholders, each with their priorities, their data governance issues, data security and business requirements that do not match with the other stakeholders and you have the business case for a data mesh.

To add to the complexity of the mission, not all stakeholders were experiencing the same level of technology adoption, risk appetite or control and command philosophies.

So how do you introduce a platform allowing for self service data management without rocking the boat?

Lingua Franca gradually built the business case, allowing each party to remain in full control of their data and providing data translation services and functions to make sure every stakeholder trusted the architecture.

A mesh structure
A data mesh architecture can satisfy the requirements of heterogenous stakeholder groups
A Broad Spectrum of Applications

As a result, Lingua Franca has developed architectural patterns to support multi-stakeholder data management for complex organisations like sports organisations, multinational enterprises, political parties, non-governmental organisations, purchase groups, franchise organisations and any conglomerate configuration where potential conflicts of interest loom.

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