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What we Learned from our Clients…

… about E-learning in a Work Environment

Although this paper dates from 2006 and we are no longer having an office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the conclusions from our observations and UX/UI study still hold true:

1. Technology is not an issue

2. Course design for e-learning differs greatly from classroom based courses

3. The differences between “regular” courses and professional or work-related courses are further enlarged

4. Student acceptance is a key success factor

5. Problem based education combined with tutoring on the job yields the best results

6. Every learner’s ICT knowledge has to meet some minimum requirements

7. Peer tutoring can be a strong enabler for e-learning

8. Available best practices for course effectiveness testing have to be observed

A method for developing knowledge bases and e-learning environments.
Lingua Franca's e-learning development methodology

But we did more than observe users in an e-learning environment. We had an Internet survey, telephone interviews and focus groups to make sure we didn't miss a single aspect of this comprehensive research scope.

Would you like to read the entire paper (24 pages) we published for the AEEE Conference on Aug 24, 2006?

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