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ICT Governance in 2024, where are we at?

In three projects Lingua Franca was involved in, governance played a big role. Not just data governance, the whole shebang was in scope.

In these projects, governance was very much a business request, to be fulfilled by ICT. That may look like a duopoly as described by Ross and Weil but there were some local oddities to be taken into consideration.

In one project, it was mainly IT inducing the business to make the request to free up budgets for the governance effort and in the other two, the business requests had a high degree of “CYA” if you know what I mean.

May we have your opinion?

Looking back at these projects, we decided to launch a survey which takes less than a minute and aims at over 1.200 responses from ICT project managers and business analysts, enterprise, solution and data architects as well as line managers and staff members in finance, marketing, supply chain, HR, legal and CXO’s.

If you contribute to the survey, you will be the first to get the results and use them in your daily practice.

The results of the survey will be distributed to all contributors before the seminar ICT Literacy for Managers, scheduled for the 23rd October in Antwerp.

Any suggestions for a local cultural tour?

Foreign visitors who would like their partner to visit Antwerp while they are at the course can leave us a note with their wishes. We are preparing a spousal programme to visit places the ordinary tourist would never see.

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